Resource Identification

We will give you a view on the overall likelihood of successful exploitation.

There are a whole lot more natural resources to be discovered and developed particularly in Africa. Getting the balance right between being first in and de-risking the opportunity is often a close call. There`s certainly merit and excitement about uncovering an asset that nobody else has seen before.

But is there a downside too? What are the current and planned logistics in the region? Is it going to be feasible to get the product to market?What are the port facilities like? Is there sufficient capacity?

At OCI we can not only help you identify resources that are either newly discovered or new in the sense that they are being released for exploration. We will also give you a view on the overall likelihood of successful exploitation, taking in to account a broad spectrum of factors including Political and Security issues.

Across a range of natural resources from offshore Oil and Gas, mineral deposits in Sub Saharan Africa and Renewable Energy crops in South America, we constantly appraise what is going on and identify those opportunities that have the greatest chance of making a healthy return.