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John O’Connor

John is an internationally recognised business leader and has held senior executive positions in the Aerospace, Electronics, Defence, Natural Resources and Mining industries. Senior positions held include Chief of Staff to the CEO of British Aerospace Dynamics Group, Director Strategic Operations at Thorn Emi Electronics, and Director Middle East at Vickers Engineering and Shipbuilding Limited (VESL).

After leaving VESL, John returned home to Ireland and – harnessing the power of his global experience and international business network – founded OCI in 1994.

Since then we have been delivering success for the widest range of customer type, all of whom have unique requirements. Governments, Multinational Corporations, SMEs and individuals with breakthrough ideas have come to OCI for resource identification, partner sourcing, license processing, financial assessment and deal advice and structure.

In recent years our focus has been on Natural Resources and Energy in North and West Africa, The Middle East and South America. We have advised, acquired , invested and divested.

OCI is the corporate version of myself, my Associates and my experience in International Business for the last 35 years.

OCI has built its success around John’s commitment to building and maintaining relationships. Relationships built around understanding, trust and mutuality. In the early 1980s, international travel became the key to unlock Commerce. Tourism was a huge growth Industry. Visionaries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America looked for advice, assistance, technology and finance that would open up their Airspace and Economies to the benefits of International travel. As such, many countries around the world saw the need to upgrade their Air Traffic Control Systems to modern standards.

At the forefront of these developments was Plessey Radar who tasked their new General Sales Manager, John O’Connor, with leading the company’s efforts in this area. From those early days relationships were formed which exist to this day. Business relationships that OCI still enjoys today. Relationships that began nearly 35 years ago.

The skies were opened – the doors remain so.