Over 30 Years Experience in Developing Markets. Bringing Together Resources and Development Finance.

icon1Resource – Identification

There are a whole lot more natural resources to be discovered and developed-particularly in Africa. Getting the balance right between being first in and de-risking the opportunity is often a close call.

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icon2Mineral License Processing

Mineral Licenses are the “Catch 22” of the International business environment. No sensible company would start to invest heavily in a non licensed environment. OCI can take on the task of the initial application process on behalf of a client.

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icon3Financial Assessment

Whatever the ebbs and flows of resource prices on International markets, there is always work to be done on the ground in assessing the financial viability of any natural resource project particularly in extractive industries.

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An Artform. There is a lot written about the cultural aspects of International Business. This aspect deserves a Library in its own right. Perhaps the key difference between working in Developing Economies.

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At OCI we work with a number of Clients that range from significant Multinationals, through SME’s to private individuals. Key to structuring any deal is the genuine understanding of where the Client wants that deal to take them and in what timescale.

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An area where OCI can deliver a significant competitive advantage. There is a balance between avoiding unnecessary cost and poor preparation. Serious Due Diligence particularly in a Mineral Licensing situation is an absolute must.

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